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Brandon Rogers is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. A multi-talented musician and performer, Brandon creates eclectic pop-R&B that flouts genre conventions. Taking inspiration from Chopin as much as Aretha, Brandon pens intelligent, heartfelt songs for himself and for others, tying together disparate styles with bravura vocals and old-school artistry. Gifted with a powerful voice and plenty to say, Brandon is poised to take things to the next level in 2020 with an impressive slate of songs bound to resonate with a bigger audience than ever.
 Born in a musical household, Brandon was fortunate to have two aspiring singers for parents, who encouraged his artistic pursuits from the outset. Though his vocal talents were obvious from a young age, Brandon truly felt the call to perform professionally when he and his high school choir sang with Michael Jackson at the Super Bowl halftime show - an auspicious start to an incredibly accomplished career, both in and out of the spotlight. With a resume spanning studio releases, TV appearances, and knock-out live performances, Brandon has demonstrated the creative chops to tackle any medium with a fresh perspective and a die-hard dedication to his work. His abilities as a producer and songwriter have also distinguished him as a valuable collaborator for artists of all genres, co-writing breakout hits for Troye Sivan (“Happy Little Pill”) and Alec Benjamin (“I Built a Friend”) among many others. But to see the singer perform solo, self-accompanied on the piano, is to see Brandon in his natural element: give him a crowd ready to be transported, and his show-stopping voice and disarmingly intimate songwriting will do the rest.

 In today’s busy musical landscape, Brandon stands out for his willingness to dive deep for songs that ring true. His first singles for 2020 release are some of his most personal yet, and are sure to further solidify Brandon’s status as a songwriter of note: “Run”, an uplifting meditation on ceding control and rolling with life’s imperfections; “Little House”, a touching ode to his father, mother, and step-mother, whose support allowed Brandon to develop into the musician he is today; and “Who Wants to Go”, an inspiring treatise on the state of American politics and our need to find a kinder way forward. Listeners will recognize in these songs an approach that follows Brandon across projects and pursuits - honest sentiments expressed with great technical ability. Able to turn poignantly individual stories into something accessible, and to distill diverse sonic inspirations into something timeless, Brandon’s songwriting is sui generis. And whether you find him on stage, on screen, or in the studio, Brandon’s authenticity and boundless creativity show him to be one thing above all else: an artist.

“The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference”

                                                             - Elie Weisel

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